Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vacaciones are officaly started for me my dear friends!
I am going with holidays!But you keep drawing such amazing arts!

Barajou no Kiss aka Kiss of the rose Princess is a manga created by Shouoto Aya.

Irios Magic Girls


Wikipedia has written for my anime!

Unbelievable,in Mexico City caught a fairy

Although it may seem strange even today many people believe the whole day in the beautiful Fairy.Not reliable but yeah, a young man from Mexico was rich overnight, after he claimed to have caught a fairy which is really alive.It is about a young Jose Maldonado, a new idle-free, with a construction technician.He was standing to sitting in a beautiful place, without a fairy who was flying with him and immediately stormed to catch. Achieved its goal, he was able to 'imprison' beautiful spirit with a glass vase, formaldehyde.
For more information look on the video:

Art done by *KrisRix
Art done by ~Teno-Tyan

Art done by =EnchantedFairytale